Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ten Secrets to Selecting Your Soul Mate

In my last post, I announced that I believe soul mates exist. I believe marriages should have love and mercy. And I believe that you should find tranquility and happiness in your marriage.

And that the first two steps of achieving that vision of a successful and happy marriage in sha Allah, after of course the will of Allah (Swt), are self-awareness and planning.

Self-awareness is knowing who you are – your values, beliefs, habits, personality and preferences.

Planning is about knowing what you want – your desired characteristics when it comes to your potential husband’s values, beliefs, habits, personality and preferences.

And yes indeed, the two should be similar – not the same because that is impossible. But similar enough that you can build and maintain a happy and successful marriage and family in sha Allah.

Continuing on my quest to building a strong Muslim ummah, one happy couple at a time, I am having a special session in our Reviving Relationships Program on “The 10 Secrets to Selecting Your Soul Mate”. This will be brand new material that I have not covered before, based on my studies with the Relationship Coaching Institute.

This session will in sha Allah enable you to:

Understand how to discover who you are and what you want
Learn how to get what you want
How to choose who you want in your life as opposed to constantly react to it
Balance your heart with your head
How to prepare yourself for commitment
Appreciate how to be a "successful single"
And more!

Our online session will be on July 19th at 12pm EST – to attend, all you have to do is register for our Reviving Relationships Program

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