Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To 20 Challenges Facing Singles

Most of us can agree that the vast majority of us need and want a committed relationship – we want to love and be loved. As social beings, we need intimacy and connection with a community of friends and family, and a stable marriage that meets our emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.

If this is the case though, then how come the divorce rate is not going down, and the marriage rate is not going up?

The following are the top 20 Challenges that face singles today:

1. Not knowing what you’re looking for; having unclear expectations

2. Having a long “grocery list” and looking for the one person to match it

3. Living in fear that you will repeat past experiences

4. Not healing before starting a new relationship

5. For women, feeling that their biological clock is running out

6. For men, fearing to start a family and stay committed

7. Lowering of standards by older singles, or giving up or settling because they’re afraid they will always be alone

8. Not knowing where to meet suitable partners

9. Cynicisim

10. Too busy to cultivate a relationship

11. Discouragement of not finding someone that meets your expectations

12. Getting involved too quickly

13. “there are no good men, no good women” mentality

14. Pressure from family or peers to be coupled

15. Not having the skills to create a successful relationship

16. Fear of failure

17. Fear of rejection

18. Fear of commitment

19. Shyness

20. Seems easier to stay single

(Adapted from Finding The Love of Your Life in Today's World, David Steele)

And this is exactly why we are on a mission to educate and prepare Muslims, and particularly Muslim sisters, for marriage, and to enable them to overcome these challenges so they can build blissful marriage in sha Allah. To get an idea of how to overcome these challenges and be on your way to a blissful marriage in sha Allah, join us tomorrow at 12pm EST, for our FREE Online Preview Session on the "10 Secrets to Selecting Your Soul Mate".

To join us for this content rich, free preview session, please register here.

In this exciting session, you will learn how to :

Know Who You are
Identify What You want in a Husband
Get What You want in a Husband
Identify and make productive choices in sha Allah,
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