Monday, July 4, 2011

Who You Are and What You Want

Summer is most certainly wedding season ma sha Allah. And it probably gets a lot of people thinking about finding the 'one', the love and mercy that Allah (swt) promises us in the Quran, and whether a soul mate really exists out there.

Alhamdullilah, I do believe that soul mates exist. I do believe that marriages can and should have the love and mercy that Allah promises us in the Quran. And I do believe that you should find tranquility and happiness in your marriage in sha Allah.
Many times, it seems like concepts such as love and soul mates are only associated with pop culture movies and therefore are over-exaggerated and unrealistic.

However, if we look into our own Islamic traditions, the stories of pure love and the idea of having two souls be a fit for one another, certainly does exist. The Prophet (peace be upon him) was only married to our mother Khadijah for 25 years and over a year after her death, when he was asked if he would re-marry, his blessed head dropped down and tears dripped from his eyes whilst he said “And is there anyone after Khadijah?”

And even years after her death, the Prophet would continue to speak about his admiration for Khadijah and all she did to support him. Is this not a declaration of the Prophet’s deep love for Khadijah and an indication that she, may Allah be pleased with her, was his soul mate?

So the question that arises is, how can we ensure a loving and blessed marriage like this? How do we usually increase our likelihood of success? Our ultimate success in everything is of course according to what Allah (Swt) wills, but when it comes to our role in our success, the first steps to success are self-awareness (who we are) and planning (what we want).

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